Terms & Conditions

Shipment of Goods:

  • Goods will only be shipped once payment has reflected in our bank account.
  • Delivery is within 2-3 working days (excluding weekends & public holidays). 

Canceling of Orders:

  • You may cancel your order as long as you do so within 2 hours of placing it and you have confirmed with us that we have received your request to cancel the order.

Supplied PDF (Design/Artwork):

  • We do not do any amendments or corrections whatsoever to your uploaded PDF file.
  • PDF's are not necessarily checked for spelling errors or any other possible errors before printing. 

Business Card Sizes:

  • The maximum size of the business card may not exceed 90mm x 55mm.
  • The minimum size of the business card may not be less than 80mm x 50mm.
  • If crop marks are not provided in your PDF file, the size of the cards will be cut to one of the following sizes 90mm x 50mm, 85mm x 50mm, 85mm x 55mm (if possible).

Print Colour:

  • All jobs are printed to within the printing standard of 10% colour variation.
  • Jobs may differ slightly in colour consistency within jobs and from job to job.
  • In large areas of solid colour, banding and or colour inconsistency may occur.
  • RGB images will not print true to colour and will print wishy washy. We advise using CMYK images.


  • Jobs supplied with no bleed will be trimmed about 1mm in from the edge which may impact on the look and size of the finished job.
  • There should be at least 2mm bleed all the way around your job.

Print Image:

  • Generally with digital printing the image can move slightly from sheet to sheet.
  • The front of the job may not back up perfectly with the reverse of the job.
  • Avoid using borders and having text too close (keep within 3mm) to the edge of the job.

Colour Registration:

  • Thin lines and thin or small text may print poorly, especially if they are made up of 2 or more colour mixes.


  • The prices displayed on this online ordering site are for orders placed using this e-commerce site only.
  • These trade prices do not apply to Walk In orders at our offices in Strydom Park, Randburg.
  • For business card quantities, prices are per set of cards (ie.500) and cannot be split between 2 (ie.250) or more people.

Gift Vouchers/Certificates:

  • Gift vouchers/certificates are non-refundable.