Print Ready PDF File

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. 

A Print ready PDF combines all the necessary embedded information for images, resolution, fonts, colour settings, bleed, page size, safe areas and trim, score or fold marks.

It eliminates having to supply the fonts, images and print settings as separate files, creating a simplified workflow between you and us.

Your Print ready PDF must meet the following criteria for your file to print without any issues:

  • At least 2mm bleed.
  • The documents page size is the finished trim size.
  • Fonts are embedded or converted to curves/outlines so no fonts are needed.
  • All scans resolution are 300dpi at 100% of the final image size.
  • Images are embedded in the file.
  • The file is supplied as four colour process CMYK and not RGB colour space.
  • All trim, score or fold marks are indicated and positioned outside the live print area.
  • Artwork is at least 5mm from the edge of the page - this is regarded as the safe area.
  • Black text is 100% black and not a mix of CMYK.
  • White text is not set to overprint.
  • Any multiple-page PDF consists of single pages running from the front cover through to the back cover, including blank pages if needed.
  • If folded, check artwork is setup correctly for these folds.

We require a complete Print Ready PDF file to print your job, except for Fast Card orders.

        Just a Heads Up!

  • We do not do any amendments or corrections to your uploaded Print Ready PDF file.
  • Print Ready PDF's are not checked for spelling errors or any other possible errors before printing.

Does your existing artwork need some fixing up?

  • If you have artwork that needs minor amendments to be made, and you do not have the means to do it yourself, you are welcome to email it to: and ask for a quote to get it Print Ready.

Do you need a design done from scratch?

  • Our team of Professional Freelance Graphic Designers have years of experience in designing print stationery.
  • To send us a request for a designer to contact you for a new design Click here